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 Rank Structure

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HSI Strength 3
HSI Strength 3

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Recruit - See if HSI is right for you. Requirements: Joining an HSI company and signing up on the website. Promotion to next rank by Sergeant Major or higher rank.

Private - Registered member of HSI. Requirements: Need to attend as many meets as possible and it goes for all ranks, joining an HSI Company, Be part of a HSI for 1 week. Promotion by a Sergeant Major or higher rank.

Corporal - Active member that participates in Company activities and aids
in Company duties. Requirements: Be a part of the HSI Community for a minimum of 2 weeks and must successfully recruit 1 person into the HSI community or if you change your name right away this rank will be your first to start on. Promotion by Sergeant Major or higher rank.

Sergeant – Active member that has gained trust from officers and has performed Company duties without help in the areas of recruiting and participation. Requirements: Be a part of the HSI Community for at least 4 weeks. Promotion by 2nd Lieutenant or higher.

Sergeant Major - A member of HSI who is dedicated to the company and has the power to promote Corporal or lower. Requirements: Acquiring a HSI Gamertag before his/her next rank and be approved by his/her company Major or higher, must be in HSI for at least 5 weeks. Promotion by 1st Lieutenant or higher.

2nd Lieutenant - These are officers in training and assist a First Lieutenant. They are to take an active role in giving out information to all who might not know and to encourage the ranks underneath to perform with excellence. Requirements: Must have HSI in ther name or within a week of changing it, be a part of the HSI Community for at least 6 weeks. Promotion by a Captain or higher.

1st Lieutenant - The job of a Lieutenant is to assist his/her Captain in any way necessary to help with the running of their Platoon or meetings. Requirements: Be a part of the HSI Community for at least 7 weeks and to be active on the website. Promotion by Major only(Captain can promote as long as there is premission).

Captain - The job of a Captain is to assist his/her Major in any way necessary. Also he needs to be running a active squad and making sure everyone is getting ranked up. Captains are considered some of the most active players in community. No more then 3 captain’s per company. Requirements: Be a part of the HSI Community for at least 10 weeks. Promotion by their Major only.

Major - The role of a Major in HSI is to take responsibility of every aspect of his/her Clan. They are responsible for scheduling practices, meetings, training, and ensuring a positive gaming environment for every member in their Company and holding the Clan Tag and keeping it up to date. Once achieved, the rank of Major cannot be taken away easily. You may be put as an inactive Major giving another Major power over your Company. Requirements: Be a part of HSI Community for at least 15 weeks. Promotion Approved by current Colonel.

Colonel - The role of a Colonel is to work closely with their Section Leaders and to help out their Majors in anyway they choose. The Colonel's job is to oversee 2-3 Companies in the efforts of assisting their Section Leader in running all the companies underneath the Section Leader in any way they can. Another thing is they have to have at the end of there name XL to show they are of high rank in there Division and to the whole community. Promotion by Section Leader but must be approved by the current Division Leader.

Section Leader - The role of the Section Leader is to work with the Colonel and the Division Leader and to make the Division Leader's job easier. Also The Section Leader will be in charge of 5-8 Companies and to make sure the Colonel is doing His/Her job correctly. Promotion by Division Leader but must be approved the current Brigade Leader.

Division Leader - The role of the Division Leader is to make sure all of his/her Section Leaders are working hard and doing their job. There can be 1 or 2 Division Leaders in one Division, but not very often. Also they will hold all of the passwords for the company tags. Promotion given by Creator and recommended by Brigade Leader.

Brigade Leader - The role of the Brigade Leader is to be in charge of 2 Divisions and making sure all of the Leaders those Divisions are doing their job. He/she also needs to work with the Board of Directors in making sure all of the information they need is sent to them so eveything is running smoothly.

Board of Director-
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Rank Structure
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